Twitter to allow users directly share tweets to Instagram and Snapchat

Twitter sharing on Snapchat and Instagram
Twitter sharing on Snapchat and Instagram

Twitter users will now be able to share their tweets to Instagram and Snapchat. According to findings the most popular tweets tend to go viral on other platforms. Therefore the company is making use of its sharing to allow users share tweets on some of the popular platforms. 

Currently, this feature is only available for Snapchat users and Twitter will be testing the same feature on Instagram in the coming few days. For one to use this feature, just click share on the public tweet (not supported on private tweets) and then select Snapchat. Users should also note that this feature currently available for iOS users only reports The Verge.

“Twitter also says that a small group of iOS users will be able to test sharing tweets to Instagram Stories soon”., the report said on Thursday. The feature will be available for Android users later

When a tweet is shared to an external application, it will show a similar effect to the Twitter application and website, instead of a static screenshot. On Snapchat, the tweet will also be accompanied by a link to the original tweet. Twitter said that tweets forwarded to Instagram may also have similar links. It seems that using the Twitter share menu is not much different from simply sending screenshots. However, this feature will save users a few steps. For Twitter, it can also help the company put more labels on popular content.

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