Tips to Help You Make Money on Pinterest


Pinterest can be a gamechanger in your journey of blogging or promoting your business. Personally, I didn’t know that I could earn a income from Pinterest, not until a friend of mine told me the real secret behind Pinterest. 

There are very many ways of earning money online from Pinterest but the first thing you have to do is to create a Pinterest Account. It is not necessarily that you should have a blog, however, I highly recommend it.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which means I may get some commission if you sign up through my link. For full disclosure, please read here.

If you decide to start your own blog today, it can be a life-changing game. I have seen many people quitting their jobs to travel or stay at home to start blogging. Earning an extra $1,000 or $2,000 is something that almost everyone is dreaming of. Because it will help you meet most of your financial needs. Right? 

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Start a blog

Making money from Pinterest while blogging is very easy. For example, if you’re writing about Products, How to’s, or tutorials. It is easy to explain to your audience how a certain product you’re using has helped you to solve a certain problem. Because your audience might be facing the same problem.

After making a blog you can continue to pin it on Pinterest so that to attract more traffic. Hence your traffic may end up converting to purchase you make every day this results in earning a commission. Earning money from Pinterest doesn’t necessarily require you to have a blog but I highly recommend it. 

Earn money from Pinterest with Affiliate Links

This is one of the fast and easiest ways of making money from Pinterest. When I started blogging, I actually never knew more about Affiliate links. Basically, these are links to products you recommend and when someone makes a purchase through that particular link, you will earn a commission. 

If you’re pinning your Affiliate links on Pinterest the same way you would do it with your blog posts, chances are someone will come across your link and make a purchase. The cool thing is that most of the affiliate programs will allow you to do this. So here you go!

👉Tip: Only promote products that you love yourself and you think are more relevant to your audience. 

Promote and sell your own products

Selling and promoting your own products is another lucrative way of making money online. It is said that people are likely to purchase more from Pinterest than any other platform. If you have an Etsy Shop, Shopify Shop, or any eCommerce platform that you own. You can easily Pin your products on Pinterest and link them to your sales page.

Similarly, you can also sell digital products like courses while pinning them on Pinterest and linking them to your sales page. 

Be a Pinterest Manager or Strategist

We all know that a well-managed Pinterest Account can bring wonders to your blog or business. But what if you’re not a pro. You will have to hire a person who is an expert and well conversant with the ins and outs of the platform.

  • Such a person can be given so many titles, for example,
  • Pinterest Manager
  • Pinterest Stragetgist
  • Pinterest VA
  • Social Manager (If you’re managing other social media platforms) etc.

You can easily become a Pinterest Manager for other bloggers or businesses because not every owner of the business or blog can dedicate his time to Pinterest. Therefore, this can be a great way of making money on Pinterest.

Drive more traffic to your blog and get Ads to Display

Use Pinterest to drive more traffic to your blog. You can easily get over 25K visitors a month and this will help you qualify for Mediavine Ads. Mediavine is far better than Google Adsense. And there are a big number of bloggers who use it and earning more than $5K a month, am not yet there but at least I trust the process now. It cool! right?.

This is so helpful for beginners who are not well familiar with Google SEO because at least for some reason, they can be pros with Pinterest SEO. 

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