Online Shopping: Top 10 Best and Most Popular E-commerce Websites In Uganda 2020

Online shopping in Uganda is beginning to flourish especially among the middle class urban dwellers, and a great deal of millennials embracing it.


Online shopping in Uganda is beginning to flourish especially among the middle class urban dwellers, and a great deal of millennials embracing it.

Though still concentrated in the Capital Kampala, a few platforms have come up with enticing discounts and promotions, and really doing well. Here we unveil the list of the top 10 best e-commerce websites in Uganda today!

1. Jumia | ( )

Round of applause for Jumia Uganda. Jumia is Uganda’s number one online distributor and shopping centre. If you are a trader stuck with your goods or services in your store, it does not take much for you to subscribe to Sell on Jumia. Jumia is here to assist and watch you realise profit and quick sales for your goods. Get your items on the online market with Sell on Jumia and start counting your profits. It is considered to be Uganda’s number one shopping mall

2. Olx (re-branded JiJi)| (

OLX Uganda re-branded to JIJI is another celebrated online marketplace where you can easily sell and buy all kinds of goods and services. You find both new and used merchandise. The Website is dominated with local retailers and sellers. With Jiji there is the ability to chat with the Seller and if possible call him/her because phone number are always provided in most cases. You will find all categories of goods and services ranging from Cars, Electronics, Houses, Motorcycles and Bicycles, Kids, Clothes, Digital Products and many more.

3. Killimall |

Kilimall is Uganda’s recommendable online shopping centre. It offers the best prices on all your choices and serves a big retail customer base that has never stopped growing to this day. Get watches, dresses, smartphones, electronics and jewellery, even shoes, automotive Digital products, kids’ toys and much more from Kilimall at affordable prices.

4. Katale | (

Katale is another leading e-commerce platform, facilitating online consumer to consumer and business to consumer sales. Katale focuses on enabling Supermarket customers having access to their daily, weekly or monthly shopping done and delivered through the online platform. Katale also supports Mobile money and card payments to major shopping supermarkets thereby eliminating the challenges of cash related transactions like:Insecurities, Handling bulk cash that could be processed as e-money, Physical withdrawals and deposits at the financial institutions receiving the payments.

5. Bazebo | (

This e-comerce website offers an unrivalled online shopping experience in Uganda. You buy from the largest online retailers across the world including Amazon and eBay and all the purchased items are dellivered to you in juts 4-7 days.

6. Kaymu (Merged with Jumia) | (

On Kaymu you can shop for a broad range of items from various categories and brands. Whether you are looking for a cheap and used phone or a brand new computer, a pretty dress for a gift or an affordable car for you, buying online is the best solution to find a merchant close to you to purchase from. You can also order from vendors from all over Uganda in just one click, with the simple buying option

7. KiKUU | (

KiKUU Shopping Mall is your biggest shopping get-away in Uganda. Best known for online selection of clothing, shoes, bags, selfie sticks, watches and jewellery together with your kids’ toys and other beauty aesthetics from KiKUU Shopping Mall online. You order from the app directly.

8. Suubula | (

Ugandan e-commerce platform connecting producers and buyers in the East African region and beyond. It’s one of the fast-growing online marketplace, which provides space for listing of local products and also delivers ordered essential supplies to homes and offices

9. Masikini | (

Stop, look and buy different products from Amazon and eBay while on the move.
The fastest online shopping thrill ever.
With the Masikini app you are free to:
• Browse trendy products even without logging in.
• Securely pay for products using methods you’re comfortable with.
• Receive timely product notifications.
• Have a chat with Masikini just in case you have a small burning question.

10. Ugakart | (

Ugakart offers thousands of branded products, a vast collection of merchandises, fast & trusted delivery, all at low prices. It is one of its kind online platform wherein the customer can search, browse, experience & order anything and everything possible to deliver. UgaKart is operated by Emerald Global Limited an Emerald Group company.


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