MTN launches 5G trial geared towards economic growth in Nigeria

MTN 5G Demo in Nigeria
MTN 5G Demo in Nigeria

I think after seeing this, MTN 5G is no longer a rumor but a possibility that we expect to have this soon. The Telecom Company has made 5G demo in Nigeria.

Though MTN Uganda experimented the 5G with self-driving cars at the Expo and Internet of Things (IOT) booths for the show. MTN Nigeria has changed the thread because they have at least given a taste of 5G Network to their citizens, the speed that trembles 1000 times far better than the regular 4G.

The Demo has been conducted in one of the Capital of Nigeria (Abuja), hence MTN Nigeria full filing its promise of bringing the 5G Network to the people of Nigeria that was made in July this year.

Actually the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) had already announced plans to lay 5G, however MTN just set a bid ahead before the NCC plan is fully implemented, this was according to Tech Next Nigeria

According to the CEO of MTN in Nigeria, their plan is to see that the 5G Network is widely distributed in the region once the right infrastructure is got from the giant companies like Huawei.

5G Network will make our life better, drive incremental capacity and open up new business. MTN as a company continues with its efforts to break barriers by democratizing voice and data connectivity in order to improve subscriber experience, and has invested about N800Billion in infrastructures of Nigeria.  

Ferdi Moolman, CEO MTN Nigeria

To be frank the 5G Network is slowly paving its way into Africa step by step first was South Africa where Huawei was the Key driver in it and now its Nigeria’s 5G demo launch spicing up MTN Uganda’s teaser during the 2018 Expo.

So I think we should expect to see 5G replacing 4G in Africa very soon since ticking is running faster than we expected.

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