How to turn on dark mode for Zoom on your system?

dark mode for zoom
dark mode for zoom

In the past days Zoom has become so popular as a result of people working from home due to COVID-19 outbreak. The company has reported increase in downloads and usability. Many people like it because of what is capable of doing when it comes to teleconferencing. Unfortunately the default colors for Zoom are white and blue, which probably may affect someone’s sleeping quality. I have made it possible for you to turn their app into dark mode. You wanna in the in the instructions below.

There are very many advantages of using dark mode on apps and website as it may be favorable for your eyes and ease using your device at night. Not only that, dark mode also help to save the battery life of your device. White pixels tend to consumer too much power so when dark mode is turned on, your device is likely to last longer while using it.

Setting dark mode on Zoom, is not a straight forward process and it may not be possible on some devices. However there are a few tips and tricks you can follow in order to benefit from what is similar to what we are talking about. This feature is no officially supported, but try this.

How to set Zoom dark mode for iPhone and Android.

Unfortunately there is no dark mode for Zoom on either iPhone or Android app, even the app doesn’t respond to your system wide dark mode. Let me hope one day this feature will come to existence.

However you can try this;

Turn off the video during the meeting and listen to only the audio as this can save your battery life. To set this option, navigate to Setting>Meeting>then choose ‘Always turn of my Video’.

How to set Zoom dark mode for Windows.

Still there is no dark mode for the Zoom desktop app. But you force generate it if you’re using Google Chrome Browser. Here is how to do it.

Visit chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark and choose one of the non-default options. We recommend ‘Enabled with selected inversion of everything’. Save any work in other browser tabs and click ‘Re-launch’ to activate the change’.

If you’re willing to reverse this setting kindly go back to the same link mention above and the set it to default. Wow it works.

How to set Zoom dark mode for MacOS.

Good enough, the Zoom MacOS app responds to your operating system settings. Therefore to activate, simply go to your system preferences, select General and set appearance to be ‘Dark’. This setting will change the entire appearance of your OS, including all the supported apps.

If you’re willing to reverse this setting, follow the above steps and set the appearance to ‘Light’.

How good do you think you will find Zoom Dark Mode? Have you ever tried? Which ways did you use? Kindly let’s know in the comments below.

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