How to share data on MTN, Airtel and Africell Uganda (Step by Step)

Share Data Bundles

I know how it feels like for you to have Gigabytes of Data Bundles on your phone, but there is one need of just MBs to also surf the internet, when you want to share with him/her but you find it hard for. During this period of COVID-19, everyone wants to share the little he has with a friend.

In Uganda most of the Telecom Companies like MTN Uganda, Airtel Uganda and Africell allow you to share Internet Data or Airtime to your loved one. Therefore in this article we are going to take you through a step by step guide on how to share data bundles with your friend or family. 

Steps for how share Data on:

MTN Uganda

MTN Uganda is the most popular telecom company in Uganda with over 12.6 million users in Uganda, this makes it eat the big cake in Uganda when it comes to market share. They don’t have many data sharing options put in place, however there is no doubt that they are silently developing others. In a situation where you can purchase data bundles for someone, MTN Uganda also offers two options to allow you share data bundles with those in need. 

Using Internet Me2U

Using Internet Me2U, you can share already purchased internet data bundles to a loved one from your number to another one. 

To share MBS to other phone number using Internet Me2U, do the following;

  • Dail *150*1#
  • Choose Option 6 (Me2U)
  • Choose option 2 (Data)
  • Enter MTN Number you’re sending to
  • Enter custom amount of Data you want to send (It should be greater than or equal to 50MBs)
  • And then it’s done

Using MTN Internet Share

MTN InternetShare is a service that enables MTN customers to buy and share Internet bundles with another MTN customer. It’s not the cheapest option out here for data sharing but has some of its benefits which you can use to your advantage. Top of the list is you can set usage limits for the different numbers activated which can be helpful when you’re on a budget for your beneficiaries. You can as well share an Internet bundle with up to 5 different users who may be in any part of the country. 

The worst part of the story here, is that you have to purchase a bit pricey data package which may cost you some good money. To use this option follow these steps.

  • Dial *150*5#
  • Choose option 1 (Buy Internet Share Bundle)
  • Choose the package you want and follow the prompts.

Airtel Uganda

Unlike MTN Uganda, Airtel has got many and interesting ways of sharing Internet bubbles with a friend or loved one. The most used one and trending in the house is the ‘Airtel Tugabane’ which means ‘let’s share’ in our local dialect language. Are you wanting to share data bundles across Airtel Network? Here are the options to choose from.

Using Tugabane

Have you ever used a Wi-Fi hotspot which services in a long distance, well Airtel Tugabane seems to be the one I am talking about in this case, here is how it goes, you can share Internet Bundles with someone in a different District without necessarily sending him/her data. This is the most interesting and amazing innovation from the rent tent. It allows an Airtel Subscriber to add up to 4 other Airtel subscribers to surf the internet using the same purchased data bundle. The fact is, one can use another one’s data bundles without necessarily sitting next to him/her this implies that regardless of the location you can also share with someone abroad.

To use this option follow the steps:

  • Dial *175*5#
  • Choose Option 1 (Tugabane)
  • Again choose Option 1 (Activate)
  • Add the Numbers you want to benefit from your data (Up to 4 Numbers)
  • Then click send

Using Data Me2U

As I mentioned before, this option allows you to send an already purchased data bundle to another phone number. With this option you can send to one number at a time. To use this option, follow the steps.

  • Dial *175*5#
  • Choose Option 2  (Data Me2U)
  • Enter the Number you want to send to
  • Enter the amount of Data you want to share (Should be greater than or equal to 50MBs)
  • And then it is finished

Please note you can’t send MBs to the person you already have in your Tugabane list.


Buying a data bundle plan from the “owner customer” to another customer; data bundles in this category includes all the bundles listed on Airtel’s list of bundle plans. To ‘gift’ your friend or family data is as easy as buying for yourself. Dial *175*6#  and follow the prompts. The steps are similar to buying your own data bundles, however hear you have to enter the number of the beneficiary.

Africell Uganda

Apparently, Africell Uganda doesn’t offer any option to share data bundles with your loved ones, but you can also buy a data bundle for a friend or family. To buy Data for a friend or family on Africell, follow the steps.

  • Dial *133# and Choose the Data package you want to purchase for the colleague.
  • On the next step choose ‘For another Number’ (Option 2)
  • Enter the Africell Number of the Beneficiary.
  • Choose Buy One time or Auto Renew
  • And confirm.

On either side you can also top up Airtime or buy Data Bundles to your Africell Number using MTN Mobile Money or Airtel Money. To do so, Dial *252#>Choose Option 6 (Airtime and Bundles) and follow the prompts. It is easy.

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