How to pay for Motor Third-Party using the New Mobile Payment Platform in Uganda

Motor Third Party in Uganda

It is mandatory that every car owner in Uganda should pay for Motor Third-Party insurance despite the Global Pandemic. In order to ease the process the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) of Uganda has introduced a Mobile Payment Platform that allows motorists to buy Motor Third Party Insurance using their phones. Initially this service is only available for MTN Uganda and Airtel Uganda subscribers. 

This platform will ensure that motorists pay for their Motor Third Party Insurance premium using their phones. The IRA Uganda has come up with an anti-insurance fraud team that has been receiving many complaints which require investigation and attention and they have discovered that Motor Third Party stickers are sold on Black-Market to unsuspecting drivers. The issue comes in when an accident happens and the driver goes to make a claim, only for the IRA to discover that the Motor Third Party issued sticker is not genuine. This calls in for the IRA to introduce the MTP Mobile Payment Platform to help in cutting down the spread of forged MTP Stickers.

In this article, we are going to show you how to pay for your Motor Third Party Insurance in Uganda using MTN Mobile Money or Airtel Money via the new mobile payment platform by IRA. Note that when entering your vehicle registration number, you need not worry about the letter case and can even leave space between the digits.

Using MTN Mobile Money

  • Dial *165#
  • Choose Option 4 (Payment)
  • Choose Option 5 (Fees and Taxes)
  • Choose Option 5 (Motor Third Party)
  • Enter your Motor Vehicle Registration Number
  • The vehicle details and amount to pay will show up
  • Enter your Mobile Money PIN to confirm transaction

Using Airtel Money 

  • Dial *185#
  • Choose Option 4 (Payment)
  • Choose Option 7 (Financial Services)
  • Choose Option 6 (Insurance)
  • Choose Option 1 (Motor Third Party)
  • Enter your Motor Vehicle Registration Number
  • Choose Option 1 (Confirm)
  • Enter your Airtel money PIN to Confirm the Transaction

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To get the physical sticker to display on your motor vehicle after the above steps, you can call your insurance provider of your choice for delivery or present the sticker reference number that was sent via SMS and your car number plate to any insurance company or agent of your choice. The agent will verify the details and if they are genuine they will proceed to print for you the physical sticker that you can put on your vehicle.

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