How I Increased My Blog Traffic From 0-1000 Readers Everyday

How I increase my Blog Traffic

Increasing your blog traffic is the ultimate need for every blogger. Whether you want to increase your sales through affiliate marketing, sell your own products, make money through ads or write sponsored posts, you need to have a very big number of daily or monthly readers. 

If you’re interested in increasing your blog traffic, definitely you’re going to love this post. Give yourself a few minutes and learn how I was able to get from 0-1000 daily readers or from 0-30,000 monthly readers. In this article, I will be sharing strategies and tips to increase blog traffic that I implemented.

This is how it goes, you have created a blog, and you have made a few posts, you’re looking for ways of promoting it on social media or elsewhere on the internet. This post will help you to go through that. 

Many bloggers use ad networks as their monetization strategy, and for that, they have to increase their blog traffic for more income. 

If you want to learn how to get 1000 readers to your blog scroll down.

Do you want to start your own blog and make money online? Read this step-by-step guide on how to start a money-making blog. This post has helped many people to start their own blogs in a few steps. 

This post includes affiliate links and you will help me make a commission if you purchase through such links at no extra cost to you. I use affiliate marketing to run this blog, and I am thankful for all you guys supporting me.

If you take these strategies into consideration and start working on it from day 1, trust me you will see results, and yes you have to work so hard, but you will see results every day.

How to get 0-1000 Daily Readers on your blog?

There is no science on growing your blog traffic, you just have to give your 100%. If you ask any influencer or blogger about the traffic tips, the first tip you will get is to work so hard and create great content. As a newbie or beginner, you shouldn’t focus so much on big traffic because this will demotivate you. I don’t want this to happen to you.

Your goal should be to make 1000 daily readers and then focus on making money because this traffic is enough for you to start making money from your blog. 

But how to get daily 1000 readers on your blog?

Growing your blog is a continuous struggle. It just requires hard work, commitment, and interest in what you’re doing, you should focus on growing yourself and you will see your growth in many ways.

Let’s dive into it!

Now let’s find out how you can get 1000 daily visitors to your blog.

1. Create problem-solving content

When creating problem-solving content, there are three things to consider

  • Have a solid content strategy 
  • Create outstanding content and do your best to promote it 
  • Keep updating the content and ensure it has more value add to it

2. Fix your website speed

No one will want to visit a slow loading website because people are said to only be patient for 3 seconds while surfing the interest according to research. If your website loads slowly you’re more likely to lose visitors to your blog,

I was tired of slow loading and it shocked me when  I tested my website speed with Page Speed Insights and Pingdom Tools. My site used to take minutes to load fully and it was a bad signal.

Since I was using a premium theme (Newspaper Theme) that loads fast, I knew that there can be something wrong with caching, hosting, etc. I did small few things to improve my website speed.

  • Upgraded my hosting plan (I recommend Bluehost)
  • Installed Shortpixel plugin and reduced all the heavy images to smaller sizes
  • Removed unnecessary plugins and theme from my Dashboard

All the above things helped me to improve my website and it was loading so faster. See the image below.

3. Improve your Website SEO

SEO can be complicated for many bloggers and I completely understand this. That’s why there are SEO consultants and experts who know how it actually works. There are so many things that come into WordPress SEO other than basic keyword optimization.

My website is built with Newspaper Theme. It’s SEO friendly, and strong in many ways. If you have a slow-performing theme, then you may consider switching your theme. And, I highly recommend you to do that!

My theme was perfect and was working fine. So, the next step was to improve search rankings. 

I did the following  steps to improve my website SEO performance, and it worked magically;

  • Took an SEO audit by SEMRUSH site audit tool and did every little thing as suggested in the report. Just sign up for SEMRUSH and take a free audit. You can also hire someone on Fiverr to do a complete SEO audit of your site or use the tool yourself.
  • I started building backlinks for my website. And, I have just focused on natural link building and have not tried any other technique for now. Read this detailed post on how to get free backlinks.
  • I used the Yoast plugin, so I just reviewed the free version and checked for any settings.
  • Optimized all my images with keywords. 

4. Give your best

It is very clear that blogging is not clear. Yes, it is simple but you must do it with passion. Many bloggers ask about getting blog traffic, increasing social media followers, and make money online from their blogs, but when you ask them about their blogging work they have got nothing to say.


  • You can’t make a successful blog without doing endless hours of work
  • You can’t make money if you don’t build traffic to your blog 
  • You can’t sell products if your audience doesn’t trust in you
  • Before you expect high traffic to your blog, you have to give your 100%

In a brief to be authentic and gain consistent traffic to your blog, you just need to work on your blog and give your best.

Whatever you write or create, do it with interest. Make it the best! Your content stays up live forever. So, polish the posts and improve them. Do the same with images, widgets, emails, etc.

Learn how to treat your blog as a business or something of value to you or a treasury. 

Here are some tips

  • Write on topics that are closely related to your specific reader
  • Don’t just write an opinionated post. In fact, add little research, creative ideas, and more information.
  • Have your own blogging voice so that your readers know you.
  • Make captivating images and pins by using stock images.
  • Promote, Promote and Promote. Please don’t forget this.
Use Pinterest to build your daily traffic

Well, it works! If you follow Pinterest strategies and use them regularly for promoting your pins, trust me you will see results. I have had excellent results on Pinterest and this is where most of my daily readers come from, if you want to see my pins, make sure to follow me @branicsblog.

Here are easy and quick tips to follow

  • Create attractive pins
  • Pin daily 
  • Be consistent
  • Follow Pinterest SEO and gain Organic traffic

If you want to read more about Pinterest;

Tips to Help You Make Money on Pinterest

5. Learn how to be consistent with blogging

A reader would prefer visiting a blog that updates its content every week or twice a week than a blog that was last updated three months ago. Are you blogging consistently? If not, you should take blogging seriously. Stop doing the same mistake!

Trust me if you post consistently you’re going to get repetitive and new visitors to your blog. Just like the quality of content matters, the frequency of posting also matters. As a blogger, you should learn how to balance the quality of content and the frequency of blogging. Remember it not only about posting content heavily, it is also a lot of other work too.

6. Implement traffic tactics to boost blog traffic

So, this is more of a strategic way, you’re going to use to grow your traffic and get daily 1000 blog readers. You get the tips for becoming consistent and establishing a routine blogging life.

This is how you’re going to do it.

You need mentors or experienced bloggers who went through all these, they have got something that we don’t have any idea about. Right? Getting traffic to your blog is not something that is complicated, it is something that requires extra and great effort. 

In this way, there are strategies you have to learn and then implement. You need to start treating your blog as a business. 

7. I Grew My Social Media Presence 

We cannot deny that social media is crucially important to build a readership. It is where our target audience is present and is probably looking for you to reach out to them.

I still have to interact more with every social media channel but due to time limits, it’s hard to catch up on every platform. My current focus is to grow my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook group. I know that Pinterest is growing on its own so I have time to work on other platforms.

I did three things to grow my social media following;

  • Plan and schedule my content in advance.
  • Make engagement with my followers.
  • Interact with others on social media.

Now, I can see that I have followers coming from different channels. Thus, it has ultimately increased my traffic, subscriber rate, and overall engagement.

8. I Build my E-mail List

Lastly, email lists also send you a portion of the traffic. But, honestly, we don’t create an email list to increase traffic to your website. It cannot be the major source of traffic, but when you have automation series, and you regularly send emails then you can send your subscribers to your blog every day. That means more views.

An email list is a way to engage with your readers and speak to them. I regret building an email list when I started out, but thankfully I did. I use Mailerlite, and OptinMonster and I find it really easy to use email marketing tools.

Now, I have almost 2000+ subscribers who regularly read my emails, and respond to it. If you have not started building an email list, start it today

I have shared almost the most important steps I took to increase my traffic from 0-1000 daily readers and the number is increasing. I encourage you to do the same, and double your traffic because I know, it’s possible and you can gain even more traffic than what I’m getting. Are you ready to start growing your traffic, well, to be honest, you have to start now. When you’ve strategies and other steps planned out – all work gets so easier.

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