Here is how to renew Driving Permit online in Uganda

Renew Driving permit in Uganda
Renew Driving permit in Uganda

For all the countries in the world require a car driving permit for all drivers and if you don’t have one, it means you’re driving illegally in your country, once caught you will be arrested and fined. Most of the people in Uganda fear to process or renew their driving permits because they think that it is a long process.

In this article am going to show you some simple steps required to take when renewing your car driving permit and what are some of the requirements.

Here are some of the requirements.

  1. Proof of Payment (Bank Statement )
  2. Original filled and signed UCDP 1 form
  3.  Your Original old Driving Permit

Steps for renewing Driving Permit.

Register your payment registration

  1. Visit the official site of Uganda Revenue Authority to access their e-portal
  2. Click e-Services (Check on the right hand side of the page)
  3. Click Payment Registration
  4.  Check ‘NTR’ and choose ‘Renewal of Driving Permit’ under the tax head.
  5. Fill the form below by entering the names, address and complete all the information required.
  6. Choose how you wish to complete your payment. It can be by Online options (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Union Pay and Mobile Money, it can be Payment Transfer Instructions (Swift, RTGS, EFT) or you can choose Cash, Cheque, Mobile Money, Demand draft and Point of Sale (POS). choose what you prefer to use.

You can also see list of Banks Authorized to collect payments on behalf of URA below the payment option.

  • Select the Bank of your choice for example standard Chartered if choose that.
  • Confirm your details and Accept to Register (you should download and print your payment slip)
  • On the same website you can also download the UCDP 1 Medical Form.

 Pay Renewal fees to the selected bank and fill in UCDP 1 form

  1. Pay renewal fees for either 1 year or 3 years at any of your Bank of choice.
  2. Fill in the medical form you downloaded and sign it.

When all the steps are done, submit all the require documents to Face Technologies offices in Kyambogo or any other branch.

In order for your process to take effect, you should submit the proof of payment for all the money required depending on the license period you selected.


Please note that renewal is done by those who have within their hands the old driving permit and for those who have lost them it is a different process you can refer to this article.

You will probably receive your renewed permit with 30minutes-1 hour for those living in Kampala and submitted through the main office and 24hours-48 hours for those outside Kampala, submitted through other branches.

Aw! You see now renewing a Driving Permit in Uganda is simple compared to what you thought. If you have the old one go now and renew it to avoid inconveniences with the traffic men and women alongside the road.


  1. My driving license got expired now ts two years ,I wasn’t in uganda and am still not back home how do I renew it?

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