Here is how to pay for Street Parking in Uganda using Mobile Money

Street Parking in Kampala

KCCA contracted a company known as Multiplex Limited to manage and modernize street parking with the city of Kampala. In order to increase efficiency in their services, the company has managed to digitize all aspects of how it does its business. 

The Multiplex street workers will leave a payment receipt on your windscreen to remind you of the amount you have to pay. Here is how you can make your payment through mobile money platforms.

Using MTN Mobile Money

  1. Dial *165# to get the MTN mobile money menu
  2. Choose Option 4 of (Payments)
  3. Choose Option 5 (Fees and taxes)
  4. Choose Option 3 (Multiplex Parking)
  5. Enter car Registration Number (You will receive a balance due message for Multiplex)
  6. Enter the Amount you wish to pay.
  7. Enter a reason for payment e.g. parking (you will receive a payment prompt)
  8. Enter your Mobile Money Pin to confirm payment (you will receive payment confirmation from Mobile Money and Multiplex)”.

Using Airtel Money

  1. Dial *185# to get to the Airtel Money menu
  2. Choose Option 5 of “Payments”
  3. Select Option 2 “Multiplex”
  4. Choose Option 1 to “Pay Multiplex” or you can first view your vehicle balance before proceeding to pay.
  5. Enter your Vehicle Registration Number and follow the remaining prompts.

Alternatively, you can download the MTN Momo App either from the Google Play Store or App Store and use it to pay for your bills. The process is simple and straight away since you won’t need to enter MM PIN again after logging in the app or download the My Airtel App from the Google Play Store for Android or Apple App Store for iOS, it also gets the job done. 

Multiplex Parking Fee Structure 

Here is a breakdown of the parking fee structure for the first seven hours of parking, you can get the full structure for up to 10 hours from the official Multiplex site.

Parking Duration(Hours)Vehicle Type(Cars)/One SpaceVehicle Type(Lorry)/Two Spaces

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