Here are 6 Websites to Submit your Blog Posts for More Traffic.

6 Websites to Submit your blog

We commonly share our blog posts to Facebook, Instagram (in the profile), Twitter, or Linkedin to drive more traffic to our websites. But how about if you don’t have a huge following on those social media accounts to maximize your traffic. Sharing your blog posts is likely to be hard.

One of the best social media platforms to share your blog post for attracting huge traffic is Pinterest. With Pinterest, you can get over 1000 website visitors from just a single blog post pin.

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What is Content Marketing?

You might have read an interview of a personality in an online magazine. This is called content marketing which is used as a strategies to bring traffic and new clients to the site continuously. Sharing your story via different authority website can increase brand visibility in Google as well as generate more traffic to your site.

Below are some of the websites where you can submit your blog posts to drive more traffic to your website.


If you have ever searched for any answer on Google about a certain question, am pretty sure you have ever come to an answer from Quora. A lot of people around the world in fact millions and millions of people visit Quora searching for high-quality answers from your niche or topic. Go to Quora and search for questions related to your niche and comment with your answer. At the end of each answer you give, conclude with your post link and this will attract people to your blog especially those who want to learn more. 

Scoop.t is different from Quora, Mix, Facebook. SCOOP.IT allows followers to view content that interests them and share it on their social media accounts. Only that you can add few links with your free account, and if you want to add new ones, the old ones will be deleted. But if you want all your content to be featured on, you can pay for the premium account.


I guess many of you have already heard of Reddit because it is one of the platforms that is considered the face of the internet. If you have a great story or unique articles, it might get viral on Reddit which can drive 1,000 to millions of traffic to your site and can also give you an opportunity to get featured in media like Forbes, HuffPost, Yahoo, etc.


Have you ever heard of Stumble Upon, they used to drive over 1000 to Millions of traffic to your site, Opps they stopped operating! But don’t worry they were replaced by Mix. You may not get enough traffic to your site with Mix at the first time but with time and the quality of your blog posts. You might be able to get some traffic. Submitting your site here can also help you to create a backlink to your post which will help in Google SEO.


Before I started this blog, I used to write for Medium. After seeing the amount of traffic flow from these sites to their coaching business. I thought to start my own blog and here we are as Branics Blog  🙂.

Tips: After signing up on this site, you can also apply for different sponsored post opportunities. Clients will pay a good amount because of their high domain authority.


This is also another platform where you can submit your blog post and drive more traffic to your website. 

With Bloglovin, you can also get followers who can see every new content you post in that way, you’re most likely to have more website visitors to your blog with time. 

I hope you can find help from the above websites to help you drive more traffic to your blog. Comment in the comment section below with any other platform that helps you grow your traffic.  

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