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Branics Blog is the newest and fastest growing Tech blog in Uganda. We get a number of visitors everyday, and our content is interesting and well sorted to attract more and more visitors. Our current visitors come back in search for fresh and updated content.

Branics Blog offers advertising opportunities in the form of banners and dedicated sponsored posts for apps, products, services and events related to Consumer Technology, Business, Innovation and Telecoms covered as a blog post on the site’s front page or as coverage on social media or both. The said blog post is written like any other post on except that it will be clearly labeled as sponsored in accordance with the site’s disclosure terms that ensure transparency to both the client and the reader, the targeted customer.

You can contact Branics Blog directly about advertising opportunities via the contact page or by email [email protected] for more information on unique ways to reach Branics Blog’s audience and any partnerships. All efforts will be made to ensure a reply is sent as soon as possible. We are waiting for you.