10 Tips that will help you get Google AdSense Approval Fast

10 tips for Google AdSesne Approval

Many people have been asking a similar question “Branic, how can I get approved by Google Adsense so fast?” and what are the requirements for applying for Google Adsense. You should note that Google Adsense doesn’t have any minimum number of traffics required for you to apply to their ad network as other companies do.

However much says that the traffic doesn’t matter while applying to their program, to my side this factor really matters, after all, you can’t make money from blogging if you don’t have good traffic.

Applying for Google Adsense is a bit tricky especially for new bloggers because you can never know when your application can be rejected and if it is rejected you will need to re-apply. But if your account is already verified, adding another side is quite simple. Personally, applying and getting approved by  Google Adsense was quite simple and it only took me a few days.

For every new blogger, the easiest way of monetizing your blog is by using Google Adsense. But you don’t have to be worried about anything if you treat your blog as a real business, you will definitely get your Google Adsense application approved.

In this article am going to give you some of the important tricks that will help you get approved by Google Adsense so fast.

1. Create high-quality content.

This is considered to be one of the most important factors to consider before applying for Google Adsense. High quality means you have to avoid spamming your blog with plagiarized content, stop copying and pasting content into your blog because this will definitely to your application being denied. Google wants to keep plagiarized content out of their search engine, avoid shortcuts while blogging, stop plagiarism. They will monetize your site, you will not make money and of course, you will quit.

Write high-quality content of up to 500-600 words every post and avoid posting content that is prohibited by Google Adsense or check Google Publisher Policies, this will help you understand what is considered to be good by Google Adsense. 

2. Make sure your blog contains 10-20 posts.

This takes you back to the point of high-quality content, there is no way Google can understand the quality of your content when you have no content at all. Consider writing about 10-20 blog posts before applying for Adsense. In an actual sense, you should at least have 10,000-20,000 words on the blog, this is a voice that will tell Google how serious you’re about your blog and it helps them to filter the content very well. 

I got Branics Blog approved with only 15 high-quality posts. This implies that the number of posts doesn’t really a lot, what matters is the quality of content.  

3. Your blog posts should be SEO friendly

Optimize well your Meta Title and Description tag, because you may find that Google won’t be able to visit your site to read every content there, as they receive many applications. 

You can use the free Yoast Plugin to optimize SEO for your site. I use the same too. This trick will also help your rank higher on Google too.

4. Know the must-have pages and create them for your blog

There are must-have pages for your blog, these may include the About, Contact, and Privacy Policy page. On the About Page, you can write anything about your blog or even you, this helps Google Adsense to know that you’re legitimate. From the Contact page, you can create a contact form, put your official email, or even your location if you have a physical location. This helps your website visitors to reach out to you if at all they want to. 

The Privacy Policy is required by law especially when your blog is collecting information from people and similarly, Google Adsense also requires it. If you’re a blogger like me, there is no problem with copying my Privacy Policy, and then go ahead to edit to your interests. After all, there are millions of privacy policy pages and they all have the same information. 

From this article, you will find all that Google has to say about the Privacy Policy and the verbosity they want you to include. It is actually simple because it is a matter of Copying and Pasting and them make some edits. 

5. Make sure you’re 18 years and over

Following Adsense Terms and Conditions, the application should be 18 years old and adobe. If you’re doing this you’re under 28 years, blessed you’re because you have started earlier. I started blogging when I was 20 years, which means I wasn’t affected by this.

But if you’re under 18 years, don’t worry you can still get your parent or guardian to Sign Up for you a Google Adsense Account, however, you should bear in mind that checks will be made to them. Therefore get someone you trust and is ready to cash in for you. 

6. Avoid using Copyrighted Images

Never take an image directly from Google and use it on your blog. Google strongly discourages using Copyrighted content, when you use it, you will not get approved on Google Adsense.

You can use your own images created by you, get permission to use the copyrighted images, or download free Copyrighted images from Pexels or Pixabay. Personally, I get photos to use on my blog from these two free platforms. 

Alternatively, you can buy photos at a reasonable price from Shutterstock, with a monthly subscription, you can get access to a big number of free photos to use on your blog. 

7. Your website should look decent and professional and also should be user friendly

Designing a nice-looking and professional blog doesn’t require you to go for a professional theme. Make sure your site looks decent and user-friendly, this is to help your website visitors navigate through your website very easily.

Your site should be looking like that of the 90’s, old-school, jumble HTML. avoiding custom coding if you’re not familiar with it. 

Your website should be professionally designed and responsive to improve user experience. As long as you’re using WordPress, you can easily design your blog with a default theme, it doesn’t have to be with too many images as along it is well designed and looks like what a blog has to be.

Phone Photography Tricks – Trick Photography With Your iPhone! (This post contains affiliate links, I might receive a small commission for purchases made through these links).

8. Ensure that your website is not banned

This is not common but it worth checking. For those who have created their websites and hosted them from scratch, you don’t need to worry about anything unless you’re were already told that your website is banned.

But if you just bought a domain from somewhere, ensure that the domain you bought, isn’t banned by Google as this will lead to denial of your Google Adsense Application.

If you want to check whether your website is banned, there is a website called banneddcheck.com, here you can check and see if your website is banned. 

9. Your website content shouldn’t be on the restricted list.

Yes! There is restricted content by Google. If you’re writing about anything sexual or adult content, shocking, like killing, terrorism, explosives, guns, tobacco, recreational drugs, the sale of alcohol, online gambling, prescription drugs, and unapproved pharmaceuticals or supplements. Just say goodbye to Google Adsense. If you want to see a full list of what is restricted by Google click here.

10. Make sure you remove other ads while applying

If you applied for Google Adsense and your application was rejected but you’re not sure why then try to remove all other ads that are running on your site.

However much Google says in its terms of service that they work fine in conjunction with other networks. Just remember that when you apply, someone is going to review your application.

They will have to visit your site when there is a lot of ads popping around. Someone will say that “Do you know what? We are not going to approve this one because he/she is already taken care of by those guys”. 

When applying for Google Adsense, just make sure you turn off other ads from your site, for at least 5-10 days that it takes for Google to approve it. When your application is approved, you can ahead to put up other ads as well.

After ensuring that you have met all the tricks above, continue to apply for Google Adsense, and your application will be approved very fast.

To apply for Google Adsense, go to the signup page for Google Adsense and apply by entering your website details, personal and contact information.

You should make sure that all the information you provide is real and belongs to you, for example, make sure you enter your correct full name, address, and payee information. 

Google Adsense Approval Process.

After applying, you’re given codes to insert into your website. Give it 1-2 weeks, when Google Adsense approves your application, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that your site is ready to show ads. Continue to apply ads as you may want within few hours, you will start seeing relevant ads on your blog and start earning money right away.

Once your earnings reach $10, you will receive a PIN for verifying your Adsense, login to your Adsense Account, and enter the PIN.

Google Adsense payment threshold is $100. This means that if your earnings reach $100, you can withdraw the money to your bank account.

Hey hustler! Have you liked my article about getting approved by Google Adsense, if yes, please share it with your friends. And let me know in the comment section below about anything else you may want to know or contact me for any help. 

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